There has never been a better time to breakthrough your limits and become the most amazing version of yourself. There has never been a greater need in society for you to become the brilliant star that you are. There has never been a more important time for you to take your business and your life to heights that you’ve only ever dreamed of before.

Consider for a moment what does not exist in your home. Now, consider what doesn’t exist in your community. What doesn’t exist in the world right now? Do you have ideas that could contribute toward making your life and the lives of others exponentially better?

These are important questions to ask if you want to become the best version of yourself and break through all of your limits on the way to leaving a legacy and ascending to the highest possible realms of consciousness. 

Today, I am going to give you three ways to break through your limitations. Guests Denise Korenek and Ruble Chandy, who have both created extraordinary success in their lives, also join me and we explore the mindsets they have in order to generate such wealth and contributions into the world. 


About Denise Mueller-Korenek:
Image of Denise Mueller-Korenek - on Voices of Courage with Ken D. Foster

Denise Mueller-Korenek is the first woman to set a Paced Bicycle Land Speed Record at 147.7mph. She is also a 2-time Guinness World Book Record Holder.

Her coach, John Howard, a 3-time Olympian and member of the US Cycling Hall of Fame, approached Denise about the idea of breaking the record he set 30 years ago at 152.2 mph. Denise was the FIRST WOMAN ever, in three separate centuries, to attempt this incredible feat.

Denise has completed over 50 half marathons in 29 states + DC and is a 15-time National Cycling Championships winner (Mt. Biking, Road, and Velodrome) and Ironman and Half Ironman finisher.

She has completed over 9 marathons on 4 continents, including Antartica (2013) and The Great Wall of China (2017), and is also a 2-time Jr. World Championship medalist in Mt. Biking in Italy (Downhill and Cross-Country).

In September of 2018, she made cycling history again by setting a Paced Bicycle Land Speed Record at 183.9mph, beating a 23 year held Men’s record by 17mph.

As a business owner and entrepreneur, Denise is also CEO of Rancho Santa Fe Security Systems and Rancho Santa Fe Protective Services, a third-generation family-owned/operated security business. She is also a managing partner of the Park Plaza Executive Suites Commercial Office Building, and has been an Inspirational Keynote Speaker since 2015.


About Ruble Chandy:
Image of Ruble Chandy - on Voices of Courage with Ken D. Foster

Global entrepreneur Ruble Chandy is the author of the international bestselling book on conscious business strategies, 90 Days to Life: A Journey from Turmoil to Triumph, and the creator of Online Business Accelerator™ workshops.

Marrying eastern wisdom with western know-how, Chandy built three tremendously successful, seven-figure businesses before retiring at the age of 38 to pursue his passion for helping businesses accelerate growth using the same principles and strategies that propelled his own success.

Chandy began his business career in India at the age of 19. By the time he was 24, he had failed in two businesses and was $60,000 in debt. However, when pivotal circumstances caused him to realize the intrinsic connection between business success and spiritual self-actualization, Chandy began to rapidly grow his wealth.

Chandy is known for his practical wisdom, impactful strategies, innate sense of humor, and ability to simplify complex ideas into fun and simple, step-by-step strategies that anyone can implement to accelerate their business. His vast array of clients includes startups, Silicon Valley CEOS, Emmy Award-winning performers, and billionaires.


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