Today we discuss achieving exponential growth, creating financial abundance, and summoning newfound courage in every season of life.


Do you remember when you were young, filled with energy, resilience, and the power to conquer the world? But then life happened and multiple things took place that knocked you off course. You were then overcome with feelings of pessimism, procrastination, and self-doubt.

Somewhere along the way, you lost your direction and drive, but there is a way to break free. When achieving mental, emotional, and spiritual independence, the obstacles are always inside. So, in order to break free, we must start with our minds and acknowledge the thoughts and habits that are keeping us stuck.

My first guest, Susie Carder, is a globally recognized profitability coach and inventor of the Predictable Success Method™ that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve exponential growth and triple their profits. 

She joins me today to share how anything is possible with a game plan and discusses what it takes to shift our consciousness and change our mindset in order to live our dreams and create financial abundance.

My second guest, Dr. Ken Druck, is an international authority on healthy aging and author of the new book “Raising an Aging Parent” who has spent four decades helping people grow into the more courageous, compassionate, and resilient version of themselves.

He joins me today to discusses caring for and coping with the challenges of aging parents, healing after a profound loss of a loved one, and leaving a legacy of love for our children, grandchildren, and future generations.


We Discuss:

  • Raising our consciousness and wisdom in order to overcome the obstacles in our lives
  • Creating a personal mission and determining the impact we want to make in the world
  • Quieting our minds to become fully aware of the limiting beliefs that are holding us back
  • Why anything can be made possible with the right ‘game plan’ and strategies in place
  • How we can surround ourselves with the right environment and people to create success
  • The most significant parallels between raising children and raising aging parents
  • Why a “Self-Care Checklist” is essential for those of us that are caring for an aging parent
  • How people can begin to heal after the profound traumatic loss of a loved one in their lives


“Anything’s possible with a game plan.”  –  Susie Carder


About Susie:
Image of Susie Carder

Susie Carder is a globally recognized profitability coach and inventor of the Predictable Success Method™.

Her radical business strategies have helped thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve exponential growth and triple their profits. 

As a private consultant, Carder coaches small business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs in professional management and efficiency to streamline channels of profit for companies.

She is the former president and COO of Motivating the Masses, Inc., an international transformation and training company for small business owners led by Lisa Nichols. 

She and her business have been featured in The New York Times, the Associated Press, U.S. Chamber of Commerce and NBC News to name a few.


About Dr. Druck:
Image of Dr. Ken Druck

Dr. Ken Druck is an authority on courageous living and author of the new book “Raising an Aging Parent: Guidelines for Families in the Second Half of Life.”

A best-selling author and mental health expert, he has spent four decades helping people grow more courageous, compassionate, and resilient through even the most severe adversity, tragedy, and loss.

His pioneering work in psychology over the past 40 years has included Executive Coaching/Consulting, Visionary Leadership, The Psychology of Men, Parent Effectiveness, Healing After Loss, Resilience and, most recently, Courageous Aging, the title of his previous bestselling book.

Featured regularly in national and international news, including CNN, Huffington Post and The New York Times, Dr. Druck has shaped our worldview of what it means to live honorably, courageously, purposefully, and fully. He is widely recognized as a lifeline to the countless thousands of individuals, families, communities, and organizations he’s helped.

His body of work, including the founding of The Jenna Druck Center to honor the life and spirit of his daughter, set a new standard of bereavement care and healing following tragedies like 9/11, Columbine, Katrina, and Sandy Hook. He was awarded the “Distinguished Contribution to Psychology” and “Visionary Leadership” awards for his community service and lifetime achievements.

Dr. Druck holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Fielding Institute and a bachelor’s degree from Hofstra University. He is a rock drummer who has jammed with bands including Blue Oyster Cult, as well as a lifelong athlete who played soccer on the US Team in the Senior Olympics and was named “All New England” in basketball and soccer in high school.

Voted “Best of YPO” as a speaker, Dr. Druck was known as “Dr. Ken” on Oprah before there was a Dr. Phil. He started the nation’s first Community Editorial Board for the San Diego Union Tribune, and trains his service/therapy dogs.

A member of the prestigious Transformational Leadership Council, he is active in civil politics and in environmental causes through the Sierra Club and Torrey Pines Association. Dr. Druck is well recognized as a community leader in San Diego.

Dr. Druck lives and maintains a small coaching and consulting practice on the ocean in Del Mar, California, writing and speaking prolifically on the subjects he loves, working on community service and civility projects, and enjoying the quiet beauty of his life with his fiancé, Lisette, their four-legged boxer, Jack, and their family. Learn more at


If we try to over control anybody, whether it’s our kids or teenagers or aging parents, we get an oppositional defiant response. We get that resistance, rather than extending an invitation to help, making it safe for our parents to open up with us and to tell us what weighs most heavily on their hearts – what they really need help and support with. It’s not only about changes and challenges and losses, it’s about what they want the rest of their lives to be, how we can play a part in that.” — Dr. Ken Druck


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