Today we discuss letting go of our old programming and disempowering beliefs to become fearless in business and in life.


Almost every person I know has been brought up in a fearful environment, yet most of them don’t even realize it. Let me explain… Our parents, teachers, friends, and other family members have all given us instructions for how to live life based on their own perceptions, beliefs, and experiences.

Though these people meant well, they did give us some fear-based instructions along the way. These instructions become our programmed beliefs, and we tend to subconsciously cling to these beliefs as our own. The truth is, we’re able to overcome any fear and disempowering thought if we are willing to acknowledge it.

We all have the ability to decide if we want to continue to embrace fear or become fearless – the choice is ours. But, we have to step into our courage first before we can step into our power and live the life of our dreams with no fear-based limitations.

My guest, Jim Britt, is an internationally recognized leader, best-selling author, and highly sought after speaker in the field of peak performance and personal empowerment training. He joins me today to share the top traits that all successful entrepreneurs have in common, what holds most people back from success, and how to crack the rich code.


We Discuss:

  • Letting go of old programming and disempowering beliefs to live a better life
  • How fear-based instructions from those around us impacts the way we respond to life
  • Overcoming and breaking-free from our fears by first acknowledging them
  • Stepping into our own power and passion so that we can live the life of our dreams
  • Some of the most prominent traits that all successful entrepreneurs have in common
  • What stops people from succeeding even when they do have a true desire to change
  • How to get in tune with our fears, shift our beliefs, and take control of our outcomes
  • The five most important steps to take in order to take our lives to the next level
  • Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable in order to break through our limitations


“Make the decision to have whatever it is that you want, because the decision creates a mindset. The mindset then determines how you show up, and how you show up to the world determines how the world shows up to support you.”  –  Jim Britt


About Jim:
Photo of Jim Britt

Jim Britt is an internationally recognized leader and highly sought after speaker in the field of peak performance and personal empowerment training.

He is author of 13 best-selling books including, Cracking the Rich Code, Rings of Truth, The Power of Letting Go, Freedom, Unleashing Your Authentic Power, Do This Get Rich-For Entrepreneurs, to name a few.

Jim has presented seminars throughout the world sharing his success principles and life enhancing realizations with thousands of audiences, totaling over 1,500,000 people from all walks of life.

Jim has served as a success counselor to over 300 corporations worldwide. He was recently named as one of the world’s top 50 speakers and top 20 success coaches.

Early in Jim’s speaking career he was business partner with the late Jim Rohn for 8 years, where Tony Robbins worked under Jim’s direction for his first few years in the speaking business.

He is also currently working with Kevin Harrington from the TV show Shark Tank on a collaborative book series for entrepreneurs, titled: Cracking the Rich Code.


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I started to see what holds people back. It’s really not the lack of motivation, it’s the programming that we have that’s been programmed in from childhood that holds us back.”  –  Jim Britt


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