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Today is the exciting premiere of Voices of Courage featuring Host, Business Expert, Life Coach, and Best-Selling Author, Ken D. Foster! This show will take you on a journey to find your courage, breakthrough your limits, master your destiny, and take your business and personal life to levels that you’ve never been before!

In this episode, special guest Colonel Chris Richie joins in to discuss the idea of the “invisible medal” and how big shifts in perspective and priorities can drastically change our lives in a positive way.


We discuss:

  • The invisible medal – What is it and how did this come about?
  • Making an impact and living a life of significance
  • The powerful influence of an individual’s life pillars
  • Helping people reach their full potential and inspiring them to do the same for others
  • How to lead individuals towards stepping into their own significance, growth, and greatness
  • Shifting focus on people instead of a profit and a mission
  • Human potential – What’s the difference between one that succeeds and one that doesn’t
  • Self-acknowledgment and how it can build character and expand dreams
  • Why priorities are so important and how they can make every decision easier
  • The most powerful mindsets of leaders around the world on courage


Over time I have found that medals become less significant, and what has become far more significant is impacting somebody’s life in a very positive way. If you do that and they acknowledge that, in my mind, you’ve just been given an invisible medal which is far more valuable than anything that could ever be pinned or worn on your chest.”  –  Col. Chris Richie


About Chris:

Colonel (Col) Richie is a career Aviation Command and Control (C2) officer commissioned in 1992 through the Auburn University Reserve Officer Training Corps scholarship program.

He is a resident graduate of three formal Military schools earning two Master’s Degrees, an MBA (with honors) from Regis University, and is a published author in multiple professional military journals.

Col Richie served as the Commanding Officer of a Company, a Squadron, a Group, and a Marine Air Ground Task Force (Special Purpose) with responsibility for 135 to 2,500 Marines and Sailors.

Colonel Richie has served in 18 countries including Europe, East Asia, Central America, South America, and the Middle East, and participated in Operations ALLIED FORCE, ENDURING FREEDOM, IRAQI FREEDOM, and CONTINUING PROMISE. 

He is visiting the show in a personal capacity. His viewpoints are his own and not necessarily those of the Marine Corps. His participation does not reflect any endorsement.


“Priorities are so important, and if you have your priorities well thought-out, articulated to yourself, and understood, then every decision really becomes easy.”  –  Col. Chris Richie


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