Today we discuss the courage to get free from addiction and navigate the path to healing, wellness, and sustainable sobriety.


My first guest, Kay White, is a Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor, and the Founder and Executive Director at Villa Kali Ma, which is a holistic addiction recovery center exclusively for women. She joins me today to discuss dissolving past pain, shame, blame, anger, and trauma, and shares a radically different approach to recovery and healing that’s designed to create sustainable recovery from co-occurring disorders through a “whole person, whole life” philosophy that treats the whole person and not just their addiction or symptoms while providing a daily structure for healthy habits and overall living.

My second guest, David Dardashti, is an addiction expert of the Ibogaine Clinic who has pioneered an alternative treatment using Ibogaine, a natural psychedelic with dissociative properties, for the treatment of the highly potent and addictive Suboxone, Methadone, Subutex, and Kratom drugs. He joins me today to share how Ibogaine treatment tackles trauma, anxiety, and depression head-on, and how each issue has a mathematical calculation based on different conditions including age, weight, type of drugs previously ingested, personal traumas, and is treated using only natural substances.


We Discuss:

  • Why there seems to be an increase in the struggle with addiction during this pandemic
  • Why emotional pain and unhealed trauma often contribute to addictive behaviors
  • How denial stops a lot of people from getting the help that they need and what they can do
  • Why it’s necessary for people to have a transformational experience in order to change
  • Learning how to develop awareness and self-love rather than fill a void with external things
  • The important elements of a successful recovery program that create fundamental change
  • Dissolving past pain, shame, blame, anger, self-loathing, and trauma in order to heal
  • How EMDR and breathwork allow us to acknowledge, process, and release stuck emotions
  • Why ibogaine treatment does not compare to any other form of traditional addiction treatment
  • How to stop the vicious cycle of using drugs and relying more and more on pharmaceuticals
  • Why the current system is broken and traditional treatments are not the best possible solution
  • How different doses and intervals of ibogaine are used based on an individual’s conditions
  • Truth, logic, and simplicity as found in the Kabbalah, and its relation to Ibogaine treatment


“You have to have a transformation experience. You cannot go to a program with the intention of staying the same. You can’t just stop drinking but keep the same lifestyle, you have to change everything. It’s about building a support system, having a plan, changing your lifestyle, and having things that you do every day that support your recovery and support your spiritual progress.”  –  Kay White


About Kay:
Image of Kay White, Founder and Executive Director of Villa Kali Ma, Residential Treatment and Holistic Recovery Center for Women - on Voices of Courage with Ken D. Foster

The idea of Villa Kali Ma came to Kay White while she was in Bali, Indonesia taking a 200-hour Yoga Teacher training in early 2012. Just prior to this she had attended a 30-day residential treatment center and spent 4 months in a women’s sober living facility.

As a result, Kay had experienced a dramatic transformation and healing of her psyche, as well as an ‘awakening’ experience that was so profound that it radically changed the way she thinks and lives her life. From these experiences, the idea for Villa Kali Ma manifested.

After Kay’s first teacher training in Bali, she continued to study and expand her knowledge and skills in yoga, spirituality, and meditation.  She began with taking a Spiritual Life Coach certification course and then began training with every enlightened teacher she could find.

Kay studied and took courses with over 15 internationally known Yoga and Meditation teachers from around the world. She completed a second 200-hour teacher certification course in Kundalini Yoga and completed the Inner Engineering Training Course with internationally known spiritual mystic Sadhguru. Kay is a certified Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher and is also certified in Lifeforce Yoga for Depression.

Along with all of the yoga and meditation studies, she also attended approximately 15 continuing education conferences for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment over a period of 4 years, taking courses in Addictions, Eating Disorders, Trauma/PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Attachment Disorder, Co-Dependence, Love Addiction, and other Mental Health Disorders.  She is currently studying the ancient healing art of Ayurveda and will soon be a certified Ayurvedic Counselor.

Kay opened Villa Kali Ma in late 2012 as a Transitional Living Program for Mental Health and Addiction Recovery. She taught yoga, meditation, and spirituality groups daily, and ran the whole program on her own.

Kay was the chef, driver, teacher, life coach, group leader, and housekeeper. Four years later, after gaining enough experience and knowledge in the field, she obtained licensure as a Residential Treatment Center in late 2016. Besides fulfilling her role as Executive Director at Villa Kali Ma, Kay still works directly with the clients and leads a group called Mindfulness, Meditation, & Movement 3 days each week.  As the head Chef, she does the meal planning and prepares dinner for the clients 5 nights per week.

“Villa Kali Ma is such a gift from beyond. I could have never planned or imagined my life would lead me here, but I am beyond happy and extremely grateful that I believed in this idea and somehow was gifted the tireless drive and inexhaustible willpower that it took to bring it to fruition. Now many amazingly talented women who are passionate about holistic healing have joined with me and together we have made Villa Kali Ma one of the most unique and powerful places on Earth for women to come and transform their lives.”


About David:
Image of David Dardashti, Addiction Expert of Ibogaine Clinic - on Voices of Courage with Ken D. Foster

David Dardashti’s work with the symbiotic Mother Nature and animals developed the early connection to spirituality. This led to an interest in studying the Talmud and Kabbalah.

For more than 30 years, David studied and performed in-depth research of the scientific world. He attended school in Israel and the U.S., graduating from Jamaica High School, NY.

Upon graduation, David spent 3 years in the Israeli army. During his time of service, he was subjected to immense trauma.

As a young adult, he moved to the United States to study music at Florida Atlantic University.

At the Ibogaine Clinic, the music played for patients is a compilation that David himself put together specifically for the treatment. He founded the Ibogaine Clinic in Mexico.

David has treated thousands of people, healing them from life-threatening conditions, and restored their freedom. He has helped the world to better understand ibogaine and the natural healing powers of this substance.

David has a unique ability to heal using Maimonides hypocrites and other forgotten remedies of past civilization’s practices and strategies which, when paired with his thorough understanding of human anatomy and ibogaine treatment, can get to the root of one’s problem in a simple, logical manner.

David has found that ibogaine, “helps the individual bypass physical withdrawal and cravings by neurologically triggering the central nervous system, but it is the cleansing of the spirit that is the first step to a lasting recovery.” The Ibogaine Clinic has focused largely on addiction, depression, anxiety, and PTSD treatment.

Talmud and Kabbalah is part of Dardashti’s process, coupled with using Ibogaine as a detox without any withdrawal symptoms. With over a decade of researching treatment protocols using pure ibogaine and other natural substances, this process delivers safe results across a broad spectrum of conditions.


“This society has a major problem, and the bigger problem is that people are not admitting it – not the government, not the individuals, and not their families.”  –  David Dardashti


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