Today we discuss the courage and core characteristics of successful changemakers.


Changemakers… if you look around, they can be found in every family, community, and business. But who are these changemakers and what makes them so passionate? How did they come to be who they are, and what are the secrets to becoming a changemaker yourself?

My first guest, Dr. Sarah-Jeanne Royer, is an oceanographer and is currently doing a post-doctorate on plastic and microfibre degradation at Scripps Institute of Oceanography. She joins me today to discuss how individuals can use alternatives and create better solutions for reducing plastic pollution and changing the environment.

My second guest, Johnney Zhang, is the founder and CEO of Primior, which is one of the country’s most successful real estate investment and management firms with over $400 million in assets under management. He joins me today to share his story of entrepreneurship that spans a truly humble beginning in China, education in the United Kingdom, and eventually creating an extremely successful business in the United States.

My third guest, Remy Reinstein, is the managing director of North America for CuraLife, a global nutraceutical company that provides science-based innovative solutions for modern-day chronic conditions. He joins me today to talk about CuraLin, a product that’s helping people with Type 2 Diabetes by providing them with an effective and natural way to control their glucose levels.


We Discuss:

  • The core characteristics of changemakers and the secrets to becoming a changemaker yourself
  • Finding scientific solutions and alternatives for reducing plastic pollution on our planet
  • How large of a global issue plastic pollution is and what we can do to change the environment
  • Living outside of comfort zones and overcoming the struggles and obstacles of entrepreneurship
  • Learning how to have courage, stay positive, and keep moving forward when things get hard
  • A product that’s helping people with Type 2 Diabetes safely and effectively lower glucose levels


I think plastic pollution is truly a global issue, and consumers all over the world are responsible for this big crisis.”  –  Dr. Sarah-Jeanne Royer


About Sarah:
Image of Dr. Sarah-Jeanne Royer

Dr. Sarah-Jeanne Royer is an oceanographer and currently doing a post-doctorate on plastic and microfibre degradation at Scripps Institute of Oceanography with Dimitri Deheyn.

In addition, prior to this post-doctorate, she investigated on the emissions of greenhouse gases from plastics in the environment at the Center for Microbial Oceanography, Research and Education.

Dr. Royer also worked with Prof. Nikolai Maximenko on marine debris at the International Pacific Research Center at the University of Hawaii where her research was linked to the pathways and fate of marine debris and plastic accumulation in the ocean in relation with the North Pacific Garbage Patch.

She has been highly involved with the organization named Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, which is the biggest organization of beach cleanups in Hawaii. For three years Dr. Royer served as the science advisor and started using data collection from volunteers for citizen science projects. She is now the science advisor for Parley for the Oceans and works closely on related science topics with The Ocean Cleanup.

Dr. Royer’s goal is to pursue plastic research to understand better the degradation and fragmentation processes of plastic and fate in the ocean in addition to the plastic accumulation on the different islands of Hawai’i. Her long-last objective is for policymakers to use data from scientists and volunteers to design better laws and policies to reduce plastic production & consumption.

In addition to Sarah-Jeanne’s background in environment and marine biology, she was the first female sergeant leading a group of 40 people in the first French Canadian regiment of the Canadian Army. She served for the Voltigeurs de Quebec for 13 years and participated in two missions in Kabul and Kandahar (Afghanistan) on international development and lead a project on Afghan women.


About Johnney:
Image of Johnney Zhang

Johnney Zhang is the founder and CEO of Primior, one of the fastest-growing real estate investment firms in California.

Primior offers a uniquely integrated suite of services and resources that include investment management, investor services, asset management, commercial property management and financial services.

Zhang’s expertise in real estate development and investment management spans high-end commercial properties, luxury custom homes, and multi-family properties. He leverages that expertise to formulate a distinctive portfolio for each client.

Zhang grew up in China. Trained in boxing, he fended for himself in a difficult environment that included getting caught in fights between area gangs.

In an effort to change his path in life, his parents sent him to the United Kingdom when he was 15 years old. He was on his own, without speaking English, in a situation that was not particularly accepting of people from other cultures. Moreover, his parents did not know how to wire money to him, so he had to support himself for a year.

His first business venture was importing furniture from China to sell in the UK. Unfortunately, he ended up losing money and decided to shift his focus. Realizing that real estate was being sold at a large discount but rental rates were high, he launched his career in that business and did well.

Zhang graduated in 2012 with a degree in business administration from Teesside University in the United Kingdom and pursued his passion for real estate investment while still at the university with fix-and-flip for single-family homes for an average 30% annual return.

Later that year, he moved to the United States. His father’s side of the family had emigrated to Los Angeles and did not speak English. So he relocated to help them get established. He also fell in love with the weather and recognized the significant opportunities offered in the regions real estate market.

Setting up his new business venture in 2013 was challenging, from gaining knowledge of business, labor and tax law to financing the company, recruiting, accounting, and paying taxes accurately and on time. Despite inevitably making some mistakes and losing money, as well as a bad experience with a partner, he never gave up and learned from those experiences.

A focus of the business has been applying his and his family’s immigrant experiences to serving the Chinese and Chinese-American communities. He identified five characteristics of this market segment: a high level of wealth, a language barrier, unfamiliarity with U.S. laws and regulations, a lack of knowledge about investing but a strong desire to do so, and a need to work with Chinese-speaking service providers to avoid being taken advantage of.

As he says, “I want to establish a brand that represents trust, integrity, and professionalism so Chinese will feel safe when they work with Primior.”

However, Johnney subsequently realized that the majority of investors from many backgrounds have very little understanding of investing in real estate. The company now offers its services to the broad market. His goal is to guide investors through the process and help maximize their long-term investment returns.

As to his 10-year plan, Zhang would like the company to be regarded as one of the most trustworthy brands when it comes to real estate investments and expand to offices across the globe in Europe and Asia.


You can sit all day and think about something and nothing’s going to happen. You have to do it.”  –  Johnney Zhang


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