Today we discuss doing inner work in order to break down the barriers within ourselves and master the secrets of manifesting true love.


I submit that if you don’t have a deep connection with love, you’re probably not going to be very successful in your relationships or even your business. Chances are that you’ll struggle often and deal with lots of stress, disharmony, and misunderstanding in your life.

But, wait… you mean there’s this one tiny concept that can really transcend all of this? I say yes! There is this force – this power – that we have in our lives behind our words, and this force is called love. It brings with it peace of mind, harmony, balance, health, and joyfully connected relationships.

Love has the potential to create everlasting happiness in our lives, so why doesn’t everybody seek it all of the time? Is there anybody on the planet that could not use some more love in their life? I think that everybody needs a little more love, but too often we just get stuck knowing how/where to actually find it.

My guest, Vish Iyer, is an unconventional rebel Yogi, speaker, coach, entrepreneur, and best-selling author. He joins me today to discuss the barriers that we subconsciously put up against love, and how we can break negative patterns to become our limitless self through the practice of meditation. Vish also shares why dating doesn’t work, countless marriages fail, and the importance of dating ourselves first to learn who we really are.


We Discuss:

  • How the power of love touches all aspects of our lives, from romantic relationships to business
  • Why people tend to fall in and out of love and struggle with maintaining long-term relationships
  • Some of the most important principles we need to learn to have a deeper sense of fulfillment
  • The barriers that we subconsciously put up against love that come from our ego or limiting self
  • How to break negative patterns and tear down the walls that keep us from finding true love
  • The reasoning behind why dating doesn’t work and why so many marriages end in divorce
  • Why trying to find love before doing our own inner work is pointless and self-sabotaging
  • Some practical steps for dating ourselves in order to learn who we really are at the core


“Whenever you’re seeking bliss, that hunger comes from inside you. You have to seek within.”  –  Vish Iyer


About Vish:
Photo of guest Vish Iyer

Often described, as a maverick, unconventional rebel Yogi, speaker, author, actor, workout junkie, and coach, Vish Iyer is a rare cocktail of spirituality, scientist, and entrepreneur all rolled into one.

Given his degrees in fields as varied as biology, French, and graduate degrees in information systems and business, it is ironical to see his extraordinary insight into the psyche of love.

Vish’s strength lies in his intuitive ability to help anybody find love, no matter how many times you have failed in relationships.

His optimism spills from his own experience, 30-year meditation practice, and his unique scientific yoga methods of finding love.

Vish recently became a best-selling author with his first book, Yoga & Love. A book based on Vish’s personal and coaching experience of 15 yrs.

It combines ancient Yogic principles, neuroscience, and modern psychology, and offers you a step-by-step approach to find love. Vish is on a mission to heal 15 million people with Yoga and Love.



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“We just have to go back and do more work. It’s always about doing more work, which is what people don’t want to do. That’s the reason we never end up finding truth.”  –  Vish Iyer


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