Today we discuss how to create a new identity of lasting success using a program called Spiral Dynamics.


Special guest, Dr. Natasha Todorovic-Cowan, joins us to share her expertise in unraveling the people side of organizational problems along with the cutting edge components of building high performance, collaboration, and trust that enables both leaders and teams to become change ready.


We Discuss:

  • Identifying the missing links to creating lasting success
  • The concept of slowing down to succeed
  • What the Spiral Dynamics brand stands for
  • Understanding our interdependent selves in a larger, interdependent, connected world
  • Why more than half of the employees in U.S. companies are disengaged
  • Why companies spend billions of dollars on leadership training, coaching, and consulting that doesn’t work
  • How to evoke the very best out of the people we are with every day
  • What “People Blindness” is and how it’s undermining leadership performance
  • How to build high performing teams and individuals through collaboration and trust
  • How to get companies to make their values part of their culture
  • What it takes to be a visionary leader and truly transform an organization
  • Why a larger percentage of the population doesn’t trust companies
  • Transforming how we see, deal, and work with one another


Spiral Dynamics is about those connections that we make within ourselves, how we think, how we relate to others, how we feel, how we conceptualize the world, and then how we take that and map that over and connect to others.”  –  Dr. Natasha Todorvic-Cowan



About Natasha:

Whether it is resistance to change, cultures in conflict, strategic partnerships, dysfunctional teams, incongruent leadership, or strategy implementation, Natasha Todorovic-Cowan’s expertise includes unraveling the people side of organizational problems from C-suite to shop floor, enabling leaders to make informed change choices.

Natasha comes from a country that no longer exists. She lived in 3 countries before the age of 7.

Her industry disappeared overnight. And, as part of two acquisitions, she is no stranger to change.

Rooted in 70 years of research and application in mid-market, global Fortune 500 organizations, and government agencies, Natasha has more than 25 years of experience applying her proprietary SPIRAL DYNAMICS® Cultural DNA and Change Readiness Indicator to predict hurdles to change.

She has delivered over 100 SPIRAL DYNAMICS® Programs in 14 countries on 5 continents. She helps leaders and teams around the world to become change ready – getting to the heart of what stands in the way of organizational goals.

Natasha is a co-author with NVC Consulting’s late co-founder, Chris Cowan (writer of Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Leadership, Values and Change), of The Human Spiral.



“Change can happen any time and the more we are resilient, the more we’re in touch with ourselves, the more we’re in touch with others, the more effective we can be.”  –  Dr. Natasha Todorvic-Cowan



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