Ken D Foster’s Voices of Courage show is a powerful platform that amplifies the voices of courageous, resilient, and transformative people. Here’s how you can become a guest on this esteemed show.

1. Familiarise Yourself With the Show

Before pursuing an opportunity to appear on Voices of Courage, familiarise yourself with the show’s content. Listen to past episodes, understand the format, and gain insights into the types of guests Ken typically invites. This understanding will help you align your message with the show’s purpose.

2. Reflect on Your Story and Expertise

Voices of Courage thrives on impactful stories and authentic experiences. Take the time to reflect on your personal journey, the challenges you overcame, and the valuable lessons you learned along the way.

3. Craft a Compelling Pitch

Send us your story, expertise, and the message you want to share with the Voices of Courage audience. We expect you to provide a valuable message to our audience.

4. Leverage Your Network

Networking plays a crucial role in securing a spot on Voices of Courage. Reach out to your existing connections, colleagues, and friends who may have a connection to Ken or the show. Referrals increase your chances of being considered as a guest.

5. Engage With Ken’s Content

Participate in Ken’s online platforms, such as social media, website, or email newsletters. Engage with his content by leaving comments or asking relevant questions. This engagement helps you establish a genuine connection and demonstrates your interest in his work.

6. Prepare Relevant Talking Points

Once you have been invited to appear on Voices of Courage, invest time preparing relevant and impactful talking points. Craft your message in a way that resonates with the audience and showcases your unique perspective.

7. Embrace Authenticity and Courage

When the day of your interview arrives, embrace authenticity and let your courage shine through. Be yourself, speak from the heart, and share your story with honesty.

Ken’s show values genuine connections and real-life experiences, so let your authenticity inspire and uplift the listeners.


Becoming a guest on Ken’s Voices of Courage show is a remarkable opportunity to share your story, expertise, and message of courage with a wide audience. By familiarising yourself with the show, crafting a compelling pitch, leveraging your network, engaging with Ken’s content, and embracing authenticity, you can increase your chances of being invited as a guest.

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Ken D Foster is an author, keynote speaker, and success coach dedicated to helping individuals unlock their full potential. With decades of experience in the entertainment industry, Ken has helped numerous aspiring TV personalities achieve their dreams.