Today we discuss transitions in politics as well as health, happiness, and improving relationships.


Our first guest, Senator Steven Thayn, talks about education and healthcare in the USA, empowering individuals over institutions, and improving access to primary care.

Our second guest, Dr. Jane Guyn, shares advice and strategies on relationships and the powerful impact that sexual health and intimacy contribute to our overall health.


We Discuss:

  • Education and healthcare in the USA
  • Improving access to primary care where prevention takes place
  • The win/lose approach to our current political system and what needs to change
  • Empowering people instead of institutions – lowering costs and improving outcomes
  • Getting students engaged in their education
  • Important points that can improve medical care in this country
  • Focusing on access to primary care before we focus on access to hospitals
  • Changing the way that primary care is paid for – insurance versus membership plans
  • Couples creating a happy ending in their relationship and transforming their lives
  • Living an imbalanced life and only being tuned in to certain areas while neglecting others
  • The “Hollywood hype” of a perfect life and the effects of unrealistic expectations
  • Rearranging priorities and making time for the things and people that matter to us
  • Deconstructing barriers and creating a path and plan to great connection in relationships
  • Becoming aware of your environment and how it could be affecting your intimacy
  • Breaking habits and finding solutions with the right information and conversation
  • The pain or embarrassment that may come with discussing intimacy
  • How to cope with negative feelings of rejection from your partner
  • Tips for becoming more intimate in your relationship
  • The importance of sexual health to our overall health and happiness
  • Smart Money Segment with Steve Sexton from Sexton Advisory Group

“The solutions to our problems when it comes to poverty, healthcare, and education are empowering the people so they get engaged – that’s when costs will go down and outcomes will improve.”  –  Senator Steven Thayn


About Steven:

Steven Thayn is a Republican Idaho State Senator and has been in the Idaho Legislature for 11 years.

He was responsible for the Advanced Opportunities program that provided educational opportunities for middle school and high school students.

Senator Thayn serves on the education commerce in human resource, joint finance, and appropriation committees as well, as in term committees to rewrite the funding formula for K-12 and others.

Steven is the author of 10 books that outline principles of prosperity and programs that help people achieve it. He has a new book out now called, “Reclaiming Health CARE: The Citizen and Legislative Guide to Reduce Medical Costs.”

Senator Thayn is a farmer and has been a dairy farmer for eighteen years. He has been married for forty years and is a father of eight children and has twenty-one grandchildren.


About Jane:

Jane Guyn is a licensed registered nurse with advanced training in family planning. She is a core energy life coach and has a doctorate in human sexuality.

Jane received extensive training in sexuality as a student at SexCoachU and is one of the first Certified Professional Sex Coaches in the US. She is known as The Sex Communication Specialist.

Jane is the author of the Amazon #1 bestseller, “Too Busy to Get Busy” – a practical guide for women.

She works with individuals and couples in a compassionate and authentic way to help them see through new eyes – the eyes of possibility in life, work, and love.

Her extensive training in women’s health, parenting, sexuality and Core Energy allows her to meet her clients where they are currently and move them toward the future they envision.

Additionally, she is an accomplished speaker and trainer who welcomes others into conversations about sexuality in a respectful and professional manner.


“We are physical beings, we are spiritual beings, we are emotional beings – sexual connection involves all those things, so it’s completely important to our overall health.”  –  Jane Guyn PhD, RN


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