Today we discuss some of the causes and cures for violence in our communities.


Our guest, Jolen Philbrook, talks about releasing stress and bringing yourself to a better place in life.


We Discuss:

  • The recent tragedy in Las Vegas
  • The wounds and grief that follow tragic events
  • How our wounds can affect the way we behave and what we believe
  • The importance of increasing help and awareness for mental health
  • Going beneath the surface to face pain and fear
  • Healing within ourselves and as a society
  • Why we need to rid violent language, behavior, and influences from our lives
  • Releasing stress and living a positive life
  • Switching to an abundant mindset
  • The choices we need to make to create change
  • The negative effects of repressed anger being stored inside the body
  • Releasing negatively charged energy through inner reflection
  • Jolen’s simple technique for releasing “stuck” emotions that are bringing you down
  • The life-changing combination of positive thinking and shifting your emotions
  • Smart Money Segment with Steve Sexton from Sexton Advisory Group

“We hang onto our emotions and we think we own them, and the key is to let them go.”  –  Jolen Philbrook


About Jolen:

In 2008, Jolen Philbrook was diagnosed with a rare type of breast cancer. At the same time she had cancer, she was also going through a custody suit and had no income. Then, in 2010 Jolen survived kidney cancer.

Using her knowledge, Jolen created a program to help herself through those challenging times. Today, she shares her wisdom and experience by helping others release their limiting beliefs and stuck emotions caused by a difficult event in order to find their strength, balance, and joy.

Jolen is the creator of the Breakthrough to Prosperity Formula. She teaches individuals how to find the power within themselves to transform their perception, integrate, and energize a new way of being.

Jolen is gifted at helping others release their limiting beliefs. She is known for being an innovator and pioneer. Her specialty is inspiring clients to attract more happiness and prosperity into their lives by clearing their limiting beliefs, releasing their resistance, and building a positive new life.

Jolen is a speaker, transformational coach, and #1 best-selling author of the Gratitude Book Project, Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude, Reflections, and her newest book From Tears to Triumph.

Jolen is a graduate of The California Institute of The Healing Arts and Science. She holds a Behavioral Therapist degree and is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist along with being a Certified Life Coach. She has completed her advanced training for spiritual awareness with the Church of Essence. She is a licensed Religious Science Spiritual Practitioner and has been studying the spirit, mind, body connection since 1976.


“Our emotions are stored in layers like an onion, so you can’t let go of the core emotion until you let go of the outer rings.”  –  Jolen Philbrook


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