Today we discuss eliminating the shame and stigma surrounding addiction and mental illness while empowering people through their journey of family crisis.


Our guest, Jodee Prouse, shares the story of her brother and his battle with alcoholism in hopes of helping other families that are suffering.


We Discuss:

  • The traumatic impact addiction has on individuals and their families
  • Other mental disorders that co-occur with drug addiction and alcoholism
  • The possible causes and cures for addiction
  • Grief avoidance response mechanisms
  • The importance of families having an open dialogue and breaking the cycle
  • Acknowledging past mistakes in order to heal and change
  • How co-dependents can become addicted to caretaking
  • Disengaging co-dependent behavior and healing
  • When to give tough love and set boundaries
  • Blame shifting versus solving the problem
  • Breaking the stigma in society and with the healthcare system
  • A man’s personal story of addiction and 20+ years of sobriety
  • Insight on the tools for recovery
  • Trying to overcome addiction alone versus getting help
  • 12-step programs and Neurotherapy
  • Smart Money Segment with Steve Sexton from Sexton Advisory Group

“We concentrate so much on recovery and what you need to do to recover – I just really believe that we could also concentrate on some of the things that have gone wrong and learn from those lessons as well.”  –  Jodee Prouse


About Jodee:

Jodee Prouse is a wife, mother, author and an advocate in helping to eliminate the shame and stigma surrounding addiction and mental illness. She strives to empower others through their journey of family crisis.

Jodee shares her personal story in her book, The Sun is Gone: A Sister Lost in Secrets, Shame, and Addiction, and How I Broke Free.

She believes that the bigger message in addiction and complicated family relationships is finding your inner strength to sort through your own life’s challenges.  On YOUR terms. To not be ashamed of your story, but to live your truth; openly and honestly. It is never too late.

Jodee’s story began as a child where she became her little brother’s protector as they witnessed alcohol-fueled fights behind closed doors. She is a grand-daughter, step-daughter, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, niece, great-niece, aunt and cousin to alcoholics.

As Jodee’s brother’s drinking became apparent, grew worse, and more self-destructive, she was drawn into a maelstrom of pain, co-dependence, blame, shame, and the battle of wills with other immediate family members. She felt lost.

Through this journey, Jodee managed to accomplish a stronger marriage, raise two hardworking sons, and become a better version of herself. She was able to break free from destructive childhood patterns and the feeling of responsibility for everyone in her family.

“I know that sometimes these behaviors are etched deep inside…But when we lose ourselves in someone else’s addiction or issue, we are no good to anyone; not ourselves and certainly not the ones we love. In the end, we are not culpable for someone else’s path. Just our own.”


“Sometimes the word “no” can be the kindest, most compassionate gift that we give our loved ones and ourselves.”  –  Jodee Prouse


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