Today we discuss how Garrett Schmenk and Jamie Reid from C3 Risk and Insurance Services are revolutionizing the insurance industry to create a better customer experience and the best possible premiums. They are the Google of the insurance industry.


We Discuss:

  • Change – why it’s necessary for our lives
  • Being proactive and mastering our minds
  • C3 Risk and Insurance Services
  • Bringing innovation and fun to insurance
  • The three responsibilities of a Broker
  • What Garrett and Jamie are bringing to the insurance industry
  • Using drone technology for risk management
  • Having positive company culture
  • Listening with empathy
  • Smart Money Segment with Steve Sexton


About C3 Risk and Insurance Services:

C3 delivers a contextualized insurance experience to each client and employee.  Listening, in order to understand, is an art that they have carefully crafted with the intent to create meaningful relationships. C3 challenges the status quo, innovates, and infuses fun into the process while balancing professionalism and humility.

Their team of insurance professionals has a combined 200+ years in the insurance space.  Technology drives C3 to innovate, but these individuals and their experiences are the core foundation of their insurance expertise and services.

C3 is breathing life into an otherwise stagnant insurance industry. Positive company culture and innovation are their employees’ oxygen. C3 cares first and foremost about the happiness of their employees and clients because they believe that the makeup of people in a company makes the company.

C3’s legacy will be defined by the relationships that help give cadence to the new heartbeat of the innovative, tech-driven but people focused insurance agency movement.


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